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Classical Thai massage with herbal compresses (full-body)

The masseurs at the Wat Po Temple suggest that massages be followed by herbal compresses which support and supplement the healing influence of the massage. Compresses with a herbal mixture are warmed up and used to loosen up your muscles. Each herb has its unique, beneficial effect.

Cassumunar ginger

- Strengthens blood vessels and prevents their breaking and bruising. Rejuvenates the skin.

Lemon grass

- Supports digestion. Is also applied with aromatherapy in cases of nausea. Improves appetite.

Camphor laurel

- Reduces stomach pains and colic. Improves intestine function. Recommended for older women and women after childbirth. Excellent for the physically active following injury or heavy training.


- Strong antibacterial agent. Helps with stomach problems and other ailments. Under the name Avea, is becoming popular to treat depression.


- Used as a tonic for upset stomach, loss of appetite, and as an antibacterial.


- Used to treat gastro-intestinal and respiratory disturbances and as anti-inflammatory medicine.


- Used for gastric and digestion problems and bilious disorders. It is also a blood purifier.


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