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Thai massage - Nuat Boran - is described by many as the "ideal massage". Its roots reach Buddhist philosophy; even today many Buddhist temples in Thailand run massage schools. This form of massage has taken a prominent place in the life of the Thai people. It is part of the family of oriental techniques based on the healing theory of intrinsic energy flows and energy balance, similar to the Chinese massage Tui Na, Indian ayurvedic manipulation-based massage and the Japanese Shiatsu massage. An obvious Indian influence of yoga stretching and breathing methods but also the careful use of energy channels – the so called Sen – is noticeable.

Everyone who has experienced a Thai massage admits that in an extraordinary fashion it heals all chronic pain, facilitates movement, eradicates stiffening of joints and reduces muscle tension. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation and as a result slows down the aging process, especially by preventing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity. During a Thai massage one feels overwhelming relaxation and absolute mental tranquility. At longer sessions, some of our clients calmly fall asleep only to wake up refreshed and full of energy.

Ignorance and harmful stereotypes make many people associate Thai massage with “erotic services” and the red light district of Bangkok with all its "attractions". It is important to emphasise that such entertainment has NOTHING in common with the traditional Thai massage. Unfortunately, still not many people know that behind the concept of "Thai massage" there is a thousand year old tradition of Far-Eastern medicine. Under no circumstances can it be connected with prostitution. One of our goals is to build this new, stereotype-free awareness.

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