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Thai massage with essential oils (full-body aromatherapy)

Revitalising massage with the aid of aroma oils with extracts of lavender, rosewood, eucalyptus, peppermint, jasmine and ylang-ylang, combined with acupressure and ayurvedic techniques. This type of therapy is aimed at soothing, and achieving a state of harmony of the spirit and the body. This was the most popular type of Thai massage at the Chinese and Japanese Imperial Courts. It brings tranquility, mental calmness and overall relaxation, taking care of your skin at the same time.


- Strongly antiseptic and purifying. Soothes minor cuts and burns, headaches and migraines. Calms and relaxes.


- Improves the state of mind, soothes, helps to regain balance after stress.


- Effective for treating a number of respiratory problems including cold, cough, running nose, sore throat, asthma, nasal congestion, bronchitis and sinusitis.


- Used for headaches, muscle and nerve pain, and stomach and bowel conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.


- Encourages cell growth and increases skin elasticity. Also used to help with muscle spasms and sprains.


- Has a euphoric and sedative effect on the nervous system and helps with anxiety, tension, shock, fear and panic. It can also help with reducing high blood pressure and is useful for intestinal infections.


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