Minor price modification

25 January 2018

This neutral title carries a rather unpopular content and we realize it will not be welcome by a standing ovation. We are sorry to inform you that THE TIME HAS COME. After exactly 11 years and 3 months, for the first time ever, we will be raising our prices, but not all of them. Since 2006 inflation rates in Poland have increased by 20%. Most media providers' charges have gone up (we heat with electricity), so did products and laundry services as well as general employment costs. At the same time, we pay salaries twice as high when compared to those from 11 years ago. We do hope you understand. On average, the price of one massage goes up by 7.5% while some of our prices stay the same. We encourage you to visit us regularly (after 5 massages 6th one is free) or avail of our rebate programs (bookmark ‘Promotions’). Participation in programs lower base costs listed in the price list by 15-20%. We apologize to the displeased, console the unhappy and thank the considerate.