Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of CHAIYO Massage Centre in Cracow

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Rules and Regulations / Ukrainian language version

Appendix #1 for Rules and Regulations:
Contraindications and characteristics of Thai massage / Ukrainian language version

Appendix #2 for Rules and Regulations:
Parent guardian consent form

Regulations for using CHAIYO Thai Massage Center Vouchers

  1. 1. Chaiyo Massage Centre (‘Massage Centre’) run by Tadeusz Stańko and Tomasz Otko in the legal form of a civil law association t/a Chaiyo Tadeusz Stańko, Tomasz Otko s.c., ul. Dietla 103/2, 31-031 Kraków NIP: 6762512233, email address:, offers services whose aim is to promote wellbeing and improve Clients` physical condition. Massage Centre is not a health care service provider within the meaning of the provisions in force in the Republic of Poland and its employees do not offer diagnostic services nor health care services.

  2. 2. When in the Massage Centre, Client must comply with the instructions of its employees - persons managing the reception area and the masseuses.

  3. 3. An order for massage services accompanied by a proposal of date and time of performance thereof, may be placed by way of electronic mail, phone call or in person. A date and time of massage requested by the Client becomes binding only upon confirmation thereof by the Massage Centre.

  4. 4. The hour agreed on by the Parties shall be the hour the massage commences. Client should arrive at the Massage Centre at least 10 minutes prior to the massage time, in order to prepare for it. The time scheduled for finishing the massage shall not be moved forward if the Client arrives late for their appointment.

  5. 5. Client shall be obliged to immediately contact the Massage Centre in case of cancelling their appointment or if they need to change the time of reservation. Failure to show up at the agreed time and / or lack of contact will result in a penalty of PLN 100.

  6. 6. Massage Centre reserves the right to stop the massage if Client`s behaviour creates a risk for life or heath of the persons in the Massage Centre, or in case of conduct that infringes personal rights of personnel (e.g. verbal aggression, questionable conduct with sexual undertones, overstepping the boundaries of personnel`s sense of security, infringing corporal integrity).  In such cases the Client shall be obliged to reimburse the costs incurred by the Massage Centre that arose out of termination of the services due to reasons attributable to the Client.

  7. 7. Minors may avail of the massage only after having obtained a written consent of the parents or legal guardians, in accordance with Appendix 2 for these Rules and Regulations. Minors under 16 may avail of massages only when accompanied by parents or legal guardians.

  8. 8. Following persons may not avail of the massage services:
  9. a) persons who are pregnant;
  10. b) persons under apparent influence of intoxicating or psychoactive substances (alcohol, narcotics, strong psychotropic medications etc.);
  11. c) persons with contraindications contemplated in Appendix 1 for the Rules and Regulations;

  12. 9. Before the massage, Client shall be obliged to:
  13. a) Read the Information regarding contraindications for the massage and inform the personnel about any and all conditions that may prevent Client from participating in the massage and are contemplated in Appendix 1 for the Rules and Regulations;
  14. b) inform personnel about their current health condition and overall disposition in order to adjust massage techniques, possibly limit its intensity, alternatively allowing personnel to decide whether resignation from massage may be necessary.

  15. 10. Any and all situations that pose a risk to health, life or cause negative feelings during the course of the massage must be immediately reported to the personnel.

  16. 11. Rules and Regulations shall be subject to amendments at any time from time to time.  Amendments of the Rules and Regulations shall become valid and enforceable within 14 days of their placement within the premises and on the website of the Massage Centre.