Promotions & discountsFixed discounts

Despite the fact that our prices are reasonable, you can enjoy a massage for even less. Check this bookmark for seasonal promotions and look out for new discount programmes.


Free massages for frequent customers!

Buy 5, get 1 free! Pay for 5 massages in the course of 5 months and you will get the 6th one for free (available from Monday to Thursday). Ask at the reception desk for your card and the details.

Recommend CHAIYO massages to your friends and grab a fancy discount!

Whenever you successfully recommend our massage center to a person who has never visited us before ( a “Newcomer”), you will receive an "Ambassador Discount" of 15% to be used during your next visit. Also, the person relying on your recommendation will be able to use a one-time discount of 15% ("Newcomer Discount"). This discount program combines with other promotions and the 5+1 loyalty card!

Here’s how it works:
1. When either placing a reservation or during payment, the "Newcomer" refers by name to the "Ambassador" (e.g. "Mrs. X recommended your massage center…") and receives a 15% discount.
2. In our database we note that the "Ambassador" will receive a 15% discount during their next visit. We inform this person about it via email or text message.
3. You are a Newcomer only once, an Ambassador - without limits. Recommend us and enjoy the discounts!

Benefit MultiSport -20%

All BENEFIT MULTISPORT Card holders pay 20% less for our massages in Krakow. The condition for receiving the discount is CASH payment. Welcome!

Occasional and seasonal discounts

Nadeszła wielka, świąteczna promocja! Vouchery na masaż tańsze nawet o 30%

Przez cały grudzień możecie zakupić u nas promocyjne bony podarunkowe

Na pierwszy zakupiony bon przysługuje 10% rabatu, 20% na drugi, a trzeci i każdy kolejny to aż 30% zniżki. Są one dostępne również w eleganckich boxach, zawierających ręcznie wykonaną, wegańską, ekologiczną swiecę zapachową Flagolie.

Bony kupicie w Chaiyo przy ul. Dietla 103 oraz Grodzkiej 27, a ich ważność to okres roku. Możliwa jest wysyłka pocztą lub mailem.