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Thai massage has been evolving for centuries. For several decades it has been incorporated into and combined with certain other techniques that came from the ‘western world’. We encourage you to try different versions and kinds of this exceptional massage. Your first choice may hit that sweet spot but you may need a while to find your perfect option.
Don`t be afraid to experiment!

Classical Thai massage (full-body)

60 minutes


90 minutes


120 minutes



The purest form of Thai massage with a centuries-old tradition. This is a series of masterly techniques through which, with the aid of body manipulation (passive Yoga) and acupressure on the body's energy points, the tension and pain of muscles, tendons and joints is released.
It is performed without the use of any oils or balms, with dry hands (although the masseuse may decide to use some locally). The customer changes into baggy cotton pants and a blouse or a t-shirt. During the massage the masseuse uses acupressure and manipulative techniques. The first technique aims to remove stases and awaken the flow of energy. As the result dense and tense muscles relax, mobility of joints and elasticity of tendons improve, intervertebral spaces loosen, thus creating the feeling of overall relaxation, new vitality and spiritual balance.

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Other massages

Classical Thai massage (full-body)

The purest form of Thai massage with a centuries-old tradition.

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Thai massage with essential oils (full-body aromatherapy)

Revitalising massage with the aid of aroma oils with extracts of lavender, rosewood, eucalyptus, peppermint, jasmine and ylang-ylang, combined with acupressure and ayurvedic techniques.

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Anti-stress Thai face and head massage & Uniserum Flagolie

Anti-stress Thai face and head massage is a treatment that will allow you to break away from the daily rush of thoughts. Thanks to releasing tensions of your face, neck and head muscles you will experience blissful relaxation, and the condition of your skin will significantly improve. We especially recommend it to busy, tired and stressed people, as well as those who suffer from frequent headaches.

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Classical Thai massage with herbal compresses (full-body)

The masseurs at the Wat Pho Temple suggest that massages be followed by herbal compresses which support and supplement the healing influence of the massage.

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Thai back & shoulders & head massage

It combines multiple techniques and is set to to eliminate both post-injury and chronic pain of various parts of the spine, and muscle groups surrounding them.

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Thai feet & legs massage (with elements of reflexotherapy)

Massage of the feet by means of acupressure, concentrating on the soles.

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Thai massage for the physically active (oils, full-body)

Mid- and postexercise, deeply penetrating oil massage.

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Thai post natal massage (full-body)

Variation of Thai classical massage with herbal compresses, relaxing ointments and essential oils.

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Thai massage for seniors (full-body)

Variation of Thai classical massage focusing more on the motor system.

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CBD oil ritual

Deeply relaxing ritual with CBD oil.

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Slimming and body shaping massage (available only in Dietla Street CHAIYO Centre)

Very intensive treatment that hastens metabolism and helps to burn one's fat tissue.

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