short break again

30 April 2018

Due to local national holidays we will remain closed between 1st and 3rd of May. See you again on Friday, 04.05.

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short Easter break

31 March 2018

We are closed on Sunday 01 April and Monday 02 April and will reopen on Tuesday 03 April. Thank you for your understanding :)

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Walentynki, walentynki

13 February 2018

W Chaiyo walentynki obchodzimy skromnie, ale za to przez dwa dni: 14 i 15.02. Przydźcie we dwoje (dwóch, dwie) i szepnijcie nam hasło promocyjne "miłość cierpliwa jest, łaskawa jest" :) a druga osoba (lub pierwsza, zależy jak na to popatrzeć) otrzyma 50% zniżki. Zapraszamy na Dietla 103 i Grodzką 27. Wcześniejsze rezerwacje - konieczne!

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Minor price modification

25 January 2018

This neutral title carries a rather unpopular content and we realize it will not be welcome by a standing ovation. We are sorry to inform you that THE TIME HAS COME. After exactly 11 years and 3 months, for the first time ever, we will be raising our prices, but not all of them. Since 2006 inflation rates in Poland have increased by 20%. Most media providers' charges have gone up (we heat with electricity), so did products and laundry services as well as general employment costs. At the same time, we pay salaries twice as high when compared to those from 11 years ago. We do hope you understand...

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Seasonal Greetings

24 December 2017

All in one, One in all :)

We wish you love, peace and a happy reunion with friends, relatives and families!

Our massage parlours will stay closed as follows:

  • 24,25,26.12
  • 31.12 (open till 17/18:00)
  • 1.01
  • 6.01
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Grudniowa promocja

02 December 2017

UWAGA! UWAGA! Rusza mikołajowo-świąteczna sprzedaż bonów podarunkowych! Grudniowa (do 31.12) promocja wygląda tak: Przy zakupie 1 bonu -10%, 2 bonów -20%, 3 i więcej bonów -30%. Zniżki nie łączą się z innymi formami promocji ani innymi rabatami. Bony ważne są przez rok od dnia zakupu i można z nich korzystać w obu naszych salonach (ul. Dietla i ul. Grodzka) Jeśli macie Państwo problem z dotarciem do naszych recepcji, oferujemy także sprzedaż wysyłkową za pośrednictwem poczty. Prosimy o maile z zamówieniami. ZAPRASZAMY!

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The second Thai massage studio in Krakow!

18 October 2017

Chaiyo is expanding and changing for you! We did not manage to celebrate our 10-year anniversary by opening a new Massage Therapy Centre (October 2016) but here we are now! 11th birthday of Chaiyo was celebrated with the opening of another location for our Thai Massage Centre at Grodzka 27 in Kraków.

The entire Thai Massage Centre at Dietla 103 was refreshed both on the inside and on the outside. We arranged massage rooms and they are now both ready to accommodate two clients at the same time. We repainted stairways and entrance to our building, and changed the signboards outside.

We cordially invite you to visit both our locations!

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We are flourishing for you

17 October 2017

We decided it was time to modify our image and raise the overall level of aesthetics. We have a new logo, new marketing materials and you are reading this text fresh from our new website. We hope it will be more clear and user-friendly and all the important content simply at your fingertips. Visit our Facebook fan page!

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